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We are your business setup consultants – a team full of passionate professionals dedicated to helping you find the best-suited solutions when establishing or expanding a company in the UAE.


Who we are

We provide professional services of the highest quality by identifying and establishing a straightforward and affordable process of company formation in Dubai UAE.

Not only do we advise you on the corporate structure and jurisdiction to choose from, but we also make sure to cover all technical, administrative and financial aspects of the UAE business setup. We are guarantying a fast and efficient process for all UAE mainland, free zone or off-shore company setups.


Our entry level Dubai DED license package is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking for a credible mainland licensing solution at an extremely competitive price. BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY is future-proof and includes a business license as well as an Investor Visa. If you are interested in setting up a business in Dubai, talk to one of our company formation specialists today.

What’s included:

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Dubai DED Professional License
  • Local Service Agent
  • Investor Visa (renewal of residence permit every 3 years included)
  • Dependent visas permitted (sponsor your family)
  • Emirates ID
  • Registered address at One Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Paid access to office space & meeting rooms

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BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY was established as the ideal destination for a wide variety of businesses. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we offer free guidance to all our potential investors to explore how we can play a key role in your businesses’ growth strategy.

Through our network of partners, we provide you with all the information you will need to take advantage of many opportunities.

With our fast and efficient Business Set-up service, doing business as a UAE entity takes just three simple steps.

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Trade Licence

This type of licence allows the holder to carry out trading activities, including import, export, re-export, distribution and storage of specific products.

Service Licence

This licence is suitable for service-oriented businesses. It enables entities to provide the services speci-fied by their licence.

Industrial Licence

This allows holders to undertake light manufacturing activities, packaging and assembly.

E-Commerce Licence

With this type of licence, holders are entitled to trade of goods and services online.

General Trading Licence

This licence allows the holder to trade in general activities, including import, export, re-export, storage and distribution.


Onshore and offshore sectors dominate the UAE economy. T

he difference between these two is that offshore industries contain free zones that bring foreign investment.

And onshore sectors put restrictions on foreign ownership and take care of local business interests. Here’s a little summary on the three types of company formation in Dubai:

1. Free Zone Company

Free zones in Dubai are the most sought-after locations for international business operations. They attract foreign direct investment due to their policies that generate employment while supporting economic reforms. Free zone company registration Dubai is a highly profitable investment option for organizations because of incentives like:

100% foreign ownershipExemption of taxesCustoms privilegesMore significant growth potential due to the strategic locationWell established transport network and road connectivityProximity to a large customer baseAffordable cost for high-quality labor

2. Offshore Company

Many businesses prefer to set up an offshore company, also known as the non-resident company, in Dubai, as the income obtained from a holding company (offshore company) is not taxable.


Other than tax savings, people prefer having an offshore company as a holding company so that they can hold:


The interest of other companies in a separate jurisdictionLicensing of franchisesIntellectual property rights like patent, trademark, copyright, etc.

There are many features of offshore company formation Dubai like.

Complete tax exemptionVirtual office facilitiesNo exchange controlProvision to open a multi-currency bank accountStringent privacy laws and reliable confidentiality.

3. Mainland Compay

A business entity falling under commercialized geographical areas and directly registered under the Emirates government and its authorities are known as a mainland company.

A mainland company in Dubai can carry out business across the UAE but permits maximum foreign shareholder equity capped at 49%.

Mainland represents the most developed economy as it is set up directly following the legal structures of the Government policies.

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Dubai is part of the federation of 7 independent city-states that form the United Arab Emirates.

In a very short span of time, the UAE has dramatically risen to the position of a well-regu-lated and highly secure global economic powerhouse with its stable political leadership, diversified economy, strong capital flow, favorable tax environment, and liberal trade policies.

The UAE is consistently placed as the most competitive economies in the region and the world:

  • Doing Business 2020 Report (World Bank) – 1st Regionally, 16th Globally
  • Global Competitiveness Report 2019 (World Economic Forum)– 1st Regionally, 25th Globally
  • Global Innovation Index (INSEAD) – 1st Regionally, 36th Globally
  • World Competitiveness Yearbook (IMD) – 1st Regionally, 9th Globally


There are many features of offshore company formation Dubai like.

Complete tax exemptionVirtual office facilitiesNo exchange controlProvision to open a multi-currency bank accountStringent privacy laws and reliable confidentiality.

Consultancy Service

Contracts/Contractors Management Overview

BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY Contract Review/Development service supports the maintenance function within any organisation. Companies will usually use contracts and contractors extensively; their use can range from annual servicing of key equipment, the supply of additional manpower to the outsourcing of some or all of the maintenance function.

In all cases the objective of the contractor has to be:

“To deliver a consistent and repeatable customer experience across all aspects of the service and across every stage of the relationship (e.g. awareness, purchase, usage, and support) that drives loyalty, growth and competitive advantage.”

The type of contract and the management measures applied must be appropriate. The wrong type of contract can impose unnecessary administrative burdens, impose punitive penalty clauses and cause an acrimonious relationship between the contractor and client.

Contracts/Contractors Management Approach

BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY has extensive experience in Contract Review/Development services. By reviewing and establishing contracts we can ensure your contracts are the right type and contain the correct balance of risk and reward. Contracts fall broadly into five groups:

  • Input-based
  • Output-based
  • Performance/Partnering
  • Managing contractor


Bundled services

The correct contract type must be applied when the contract is awarded. We will review your contracted services (existing or proposed) and ensure the correct contract type is applied). Each contract type requires different elements – if you cannot define the elements appropriate to the contract type you are likely trying to apply the wrong contract. For example, if the scope of work is unclear and you are trying to apply a contract with a fixed price and stringent penalty clauses, then this is a recipe for disaster.

Almost all contracts will contain some form of Service Level Agreement (SLA); this must be:

“A negotiated agreement designed to create a common understanding about services, priorities and responsibilities”

And Not:

“A method to apportion blame” or “a way to unfairly penalise”

SLAs will be supported by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); these are used to monitor contract delivery and are the base for contract reviews. We will not only ensure that your contracts are the right type but also that they contain the appropriate SLAs and KPIs enabling effective management and service delivery.



Contracts/Contractors Management Benefits

The correct contact is essential if contracted services are to deliver their predicted benefits. At BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY, we are experienced in reviewing and establishing contracts that enable you and your contracting partner to have a harmonious and mutually rewarding working relationship.


Facilities Management Audit Overview


Effective Facilities Management (FM) plays a crucial strategic role in delivering business objectives which is why our Facilities Management Audit is now gaining greater recognition.

The demands are such that the maintenance of services, equipment and building fabric is becoming business-critical and significant emphasis is being placed on innovation and efficiency improvement. For their first step to improvement, BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY helps customers address each of the following questions:

  • Do you have a clear strategy for achieving your facilities objectives?
  • Are your facilities objectives aligned with your business objectives?
  • Are you achieving best practice?
  • Do you know where to look for the next level of improvement objectives?
  • Do you know how your facility costs compare to other similar facilities?
  • Are your systems, processes and procedures as effective and efficient as they could be?
  • Do you know if your contractors are delivering the best value for money?

If you have answered ‘NO’ to any of the above questions, BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY FM audit will help you understand your current level of performance.

FM Audit Approach

An external assessment of your Facilities Management can help you demonstrate that you are managing an effective and efficient service. BRS CAPITAL CONSULTANCY FM Scan is an online analysis tool to quickly self-assess your hard and soft services, benchmarking against sector best practice and against your competitors. The benchmark scores offer access to a series of performance measures.

The audit takes between 3-5 days. The assessment covers the full range of facilities services and enables users to select which services they want to assess moving forward. This tool in no way replaces more in-depth services but offers an initial orientation to inform you of the next step.


FM Audit Benefits

  • Assesses how your FM operations compare to similar in other industry sectors and a common set of best practices
  • Identifies a series of key performance measures to ensure improved performance
  • Reduces costs
  • Improves service